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Forex Holiday Schedule

Calendar of forex important national holidays.

Forex weekends and holidays lead to low liquidity in the financial market. However, immediately after the market opening, activity can rise strongly and an experienced Forex trader will necessarily gain from this advantage.

Today Date: 13 October 2021

DateCountryCurrencyHoliday Event
01 January 2021AustraliaAUDNew Year's Day
United KingdomGBP
New ZealandNZD
United StatesUSD
Hong KongHKD
01 January 2021 - 04 January 2021RussiaRUBNew Year's Day
02 January 2021JapanJPYNew Year holidays
04 January 2021New ZealandNZDNew Year holidays
07 January 2021RussiaRUBChristmas
11 January 2021JapanJPYComing - of - Age Day
18 January 2021United StatesUSDMartin Luther King Jr. Day
25 January 2021New ZealandNZDWellington Anniversary Day Holiday
26 January 2021AustraliaAUDAustralia Day
01 February 2021New ZealandNZDAuckland Anniversary Day Holiday
08 February 2021New ZealandNZDWaitangi Day
11 February 2021JapanJPYNational Foundation Day
11 February 2021 - 17 February 2021ChinaCNHSpring Festival Holiday
12 February 2021Hong KongHKDLunar New Year
15 February 2021United StatesUSDPresident's Day Holiday
CanadaCADFamily Day Holiday
23 February 2021JapanJPYThe Emperor's Birthday
RussiaRUBDefender of the Fatherland Day
08 March 2021RussiaRUBWomen's Day
20 March 2021JapanJPYVernal Equinox Day
22 March 2021New ZealandNZDOtago Anniversary Day Holiday
02 April 2021AustraliaAUDGood Friday
United KingdomGBP
New ZealandNZD
Hong KongHKD
03 April 2021AustraliaAUDEaster Sunday Holiday
05 April 2021ChinaCNHChing Ming Festival
AustraliaAUDEaster Monday
United KingdomGBP
New ZealandNZD
Hong KongHKD
06 April 2021New ZealandNZDSouthland Anniversary Day Holiday
AustraliaAUDEaster Tuesday
16 April 2021United StatesUSDEmancipation Day
26 April 2021AustraliaAUDAnzac Day
New ZealandNZD
29 April 2021JapanJPYShowa Day
01 May 2021GermanyEURLabour Day
03 May 2021ChinaCNHLabour Day
United KingdomGBPEarly May Bank Holiday
JapanJPYConstitution Memorial Day
04 May 2021JapanJPYGreenery Day
05 May 2021JapanJPYChildren's Day
10 May 2021RussiaRUBVictory Day
19 May 2021Hong KongHKDBuddha's Birthday
24 May 2021CanadaCADVictoria Day Holiday
GermanyEURWhit Monday
30 May 2021United StatesUSDMemorial Day
31 May 2021United KingdomGBPSpring Bank Holiday
AustraliaAUDReconciliation Day Holiday
03 June 2021GermanyEURCorpus Christi
07 June 2021New ZealandNZDQueen's Birthday
14 June 2021AustraliaAUDQueen's Birthday
RussiaRUBRussia Day
ChinaCNHDragon Boat Festival
Hong KongHKD
21 June 2021CanadaCADNational Aboriginal Day Holiday
24 June 2021CanadaCADThe National Holiday of Quebec Holiday
01 July 2021CanadaCADCanada Day
Hong KongHKDHong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
05 July 2021United StatesUSDIndependence Day
09 July 2021CanadaCADNunavut Day Holiday
12 July 2021CanadaCADOrangeman's Day
14 July 2021FranceEURBastille Day
19 July 2021JapanJPYMarine Day
02 August 2021AustraliaAUDPicnic Day Holiday
CanadaCADCivic Day Holiday
11 August 2021AustraliaAUDEkka People's Day Holiday
JapanJPYMountain Day
15 August 2021GermanyEURAssumption Day Holiday
16 August 2021CanadaCADDiscovery Day Holiday
30 August 2021United KingdomGBPAugust Bank Holiday Holiday
06 September 2021CanadaCADLabour Day
United StatesUSD
20 September 2021JapanJPYRespect for the Aged Day
ChinaCNHMid Autumn Festival
22 September 2021JapanJPYAutumnal Equinox Day
27 September 2021AustraliaAUDQueen's Birthday Holiday
New ZealandNZDSouth Canterbury Day Holiday
01 October 2021AustraliaAUDGrand Final Eve Holiday
01 October 2021 - 07 October 2021ChinaCNHChinese National Day
03 October 2021GermanyEURGerman Unity Day
04 October 2021AustraliaAUDLabour Day Holiday
11 October 2021CanadaCADThanksgiving Holiday
JapanJPYHealth - Sports Day
United StatesUSDColumbus Day Holiday
14 October 2021Hong KongHKDDouble Ninth Festival
22 October 2021New ZealandNZDHawke's Bay Anniversary Day Holiday
25 October 2021New ZealandNZDLabour Day
31 October 2021GermanyEURReformation Day Holiday
01 November 2021GermanyEURAll Saints' Day Holiday
New ZealandNZDMarlborough Anniversary Day Holiday
02 November 2021AustraliaAUDMelbourne Cup Day Holiday
03 November 2021JapanJPYCulture Day
04 November 2021RussiaRUBDay of Unity
11 November 2021CanadaCADRemembrance Day Holiday
United StatesUSDVeterans Day Holiday
FranceEURArmistice Day
12 November 2021New ZealandNZDChristchurch Show Day Holiday
17 November 2021GermanyEURRepentance Day Holiday
23 November 2021JapanJPYLabour Thanksgiving Day
25 November 2021 - 26 November 2021United StatesUSDThanksgiving
24 Disember 2021AustraliaAUDChristmas Eve Holiday
25 Disember 2021CanadaCADChristmas Day
United KingdomGBP
New ZealandNZD
United StatesUSD
AustraliaAUDChristmas Day
26 Disember 2021GermanyEURSaint Stephen's Day
27 Disember 2021United KingdomGBPChristmas Day
New ZealandNZD
United StatesUSDChristmas Day Holiday
CanadaCADChristmas Day
31 Disember 2021CanadaCADNew Year's Eve
United StatesUSD
United KingdomGBP